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Hometown Pride Celebration


Parade, Picnic, Parties
June 1st

Pride Events
May 30th - June 2nd


Located less than 3 hours from major metro areas in Colorado (Denver, Grand Junction, Aspen, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, etc.), Salida sits in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Salida has been named as one of the Best Destinations in the West by popular magazines like OutdoorVogue5280, and Sunset.

Salida's small town atmosphere serves as backdrop to the most unique Pride celebration in the region. This weekend is organized by a growing number of community volunteers, allies, and the LGBTQIA+ community. All of our Pride events are designed to foster a strong sense of community while celebrating our individuality.


Community Prep

There are a variety of ways for you to participate in Ark Valley Pride. Choose one of our events to drop in on or create your own and we’ll list it! Get Ready!

Parade & Picnic

Jump in to the Purple People Powered Pride Parade and follow it down to Riverside Park for the Ark Valley Pride Picnic and the new Pride Awards.

After Parties

After a day of speakers, awards, and fun we have even more! Youth & Family Pride After Party or join us at Benson’s for the Pride After Party with FEMBOT! Don’t be late!

Drag Brunch

Join locals as they try their hand at drag to entertain you at the Upper Arkansas River Valley’s only Drag Brunch. This year, HOTDISH!!! A retro casserole extravaganza!

You're invited to participate in a unique Pride celebration located in the small historic community of Salida, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.